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Transcription / Manual language Transcription Services:

Source Hub offers a choice of technology and workforce solutions to help facilities manage transcription with an emphasis on verifiable quality, fast turnaround time, and attractive pricing. Our solutions are also designed to integrate with various dictation systems. Source Hub uses secure Web-based technology to bring greater speed, accuracy, and cost efficiencies in transcription. Our technology is scalable, flexible, and designed for easy adaptation and provides efficiencies throughout in transcription process in different domains:

  • General Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
  • Business Transcription
  • Medical Transcription etc

And we do Transcription from one language to any Foreign Language to English

      Ex: Spanish to English
            French to English etc

Reliable & Accurate Transcription:

Our transcriptionists are trained to understand your requirements and respond to your fluctuating needs even in emergencies or when volume increases unexpectedly. Our editors and reviewers finally edit and review all transcribed details before submitting to our clients. This attention to detail helps our SH's continually increase their knowledge and productivity with more accuracy. Our staff are some of the most experienced and skilled SH's in the industry, supported by extensive continuing education programs.

Subscription Plans and Pricing:

Plan I : 1 month - 60min -> $60*
Plan II : 3 months - 180min -> $180*
Plan III : 12 months - 720min -> $600*
*Each customer can get 15 minutes free transcription in the first month on initial sign-up.

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